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Nov 16 2011 cement water sand and so called aggregates such as fine gravel an aggregate like to make concrete was likely a Roman invention

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Gravel ˈɡrævəl is a loose aggregation of rock fragments Gravel is classified by particle size Bench gravel a bed of gravel located on the side of a valley above the present stream bottom indicating the former location of the stream bed

Aggregation Based Feature Invention and Relational Core

data is the construction of features through the aggregation of sets The theorctical part of this work 1 presents an ontology of relational concepts of increasing

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Jan 8 2016 When you license an invention it 39 s important to have realistic expectations about royalty rates

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Aggregate network resource utilization control scheme The present invention promotes or enhances this operational transparency by mirroring the link state

New Lightweight Aggregate for High Strength and Durable Concrete

KEYWORDS fly ash aggregate lightweight concrete high strength shrinkage The present author together with co inventor K Shaw has produced

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And yet in many jurisdictions software related inventions either do not qualify for patent IP statutes and bring them into line with present day commercial realities Between 2009 and 2013 the total aggregate lines of code in the chips – the

Inventions not Patentable under Indian Patent Act 1970 SIIC

An invention which is frivolous or which claims anything obviously contrary to A substance obtained by a mere admixture resulting only in the aggregation of

US8921463B1 Synthetic aggregate for use in concrete Google

The present invention relates generally to concrete and particularly to a synthetic aggregate for use in concrete the aggregate being a composite of recycled

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A method for confining and integrating stone and aggregate particles into a solid load The present invention relates to a transducer for measuring vertical

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The comparison of the claimed invention to the prior disclosure is based on a then the two do not form a proper combination but rather define an aggregation which discloses that water quot may quot not quot must quot be present and which does not

Adenovir Pharma is granted an invention patent in India Adenovir

Sep 24 2018 Adenovir Pharma is granted an invention patent in India its invention entitled Antiviral compounds an aggregate comprising plurality of the feeling or sensation that a foreign body is present in the eye watering redness in

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CableLabs periodically publishes inventions made by our employees while The present idea contemplates a coordination between the security cameras and

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Nov 12 2013 Current debate over patent aggregation has led to renewed interest in the nineteenth century when trade in invention in the United States first

Process for producing an aggregate suitable for inclusion into a

Jan 1 2000 Uranium silicide provides a stable aggregate material that can be added to In accordance with the present invention uranium hexafluoride is

Aggregation based feature invention and relational concept classes

Aggregation based feature invention and relational concept classes 1 It presents a hierarchy of relational concepts of increasing complexity using relational

Aggregate – The Transformations of Giulio Romano Palazzo Stati

The evidence of this structural dilemma is present throughout the building or to even if certainly their resourcefulness and invention start there but rather of

Patent Eligibility as a Function of New Use Aggregation and

May 19 2017 5 Aggregation came into use as a doctrine proscribing patent Invention or discovery is not present where the new use of a known

Fusion of Protein Aggregates Facilitates Asymmetric Damage

Jun 17 2014 Fusion of harmful aggregated proteins into larger clumps increases the which may be counterbalanced by the invention or refinement of molecular stress is plotted against the number of aggregates present in the cell


Coarse aggregate usually gravel or crushed stone and shredded rubber as filler in This present invention relates to a method for chemical soil stabilization

Twenty Years of Research on Mineral Trioxide Aggregate A

Jan 20 2013 Mineral trioxide aggregate MTA has been suggested for root end filling Torabinejad as the inventor of MTA owned 17 articles as first an Iranian scientist at the present time only 3 LOE1 articles originated from USA

Aggregation Based Feature Invention and Relational NYU Stern

of aggregation methods in relational learning We present a hierarchy of classes of relational concepts requiring in creasingly more complex aggregations

A Theory of Growth and Volatility at the Aggregate and Firm level

This paper presents an endogenous growth model that explains the evolution of the first and second moments of here volatility both aggregate and firm level is endogenous to analysis 1 Firms that invent a new product or improve the

WO2014143185A1 Purification of proteins using hydrophobic

The present invention is directed to methods for purifying a protein of interest e g a contacting a sample of adalimumab and at least one aggregate to a HIC

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